Rethinking what’s possible

Last year, we set out to improve the way you experience Kounta and reimagined our brand purpose to better align ourselves with you - our customer. Below is the why, what, and how.

To better serve you

We wanted to deeply understand not only how you interact with Kounta, but the challenges you face, the goals you strive to conquer, and the environment you need Kounta to thrive in.

And to truly understand you, we immersed ourselves in research

Hundreds of hours were spent analysing your experience as a Kounta customer, discovering numerous ways to help you better serve your customers.

Support tickets analysed
to find better ways to serve you
Insightful responses gathered
from deep product surveys
Owners & staff interviewed
offering valuable feedback
Businesses visited
to see exactly how you use Kounta
Former Customers interviewed
to discover ways to improve

What we learned about you

Some of the learnings are obvious - but each are important, as they ensure the service we provide you and the updates we deploy give you unquestionable value.

Your priority is your customer

Every interaction you have with Kounta must help you serve your customers as fast and effectively as possible.

You want to feel valued

Your business is your livelihood, and you depend on Kounta to provide great service, delivered by real people who understand your business.

You want a total solution

Kounta is only as good as the hardware, software, and the people who use it - they all need to work together flawlessly.

You want help optimising Kounta

When set up correctly, Kounta can transform your business. But you need personalised help to set up Kounta in the best possible way.

You want to stay focused

When you’re serving customers, Kounta can’t distract you. Everything else can wait until you’re not with customers.

How we’re evolving as a result

We hear you loud and clear and are working to embed these learnings across every level of Kounta.

01 What we’ve done

Using your feedback, we’ve already launched new ways to serve you.

24/7 phone support
Phone support is now available around the clock to help you tackle unexpected challenges with confidence.
24/7 immediate chat
Need urgent help? Chat to us for support in minutes, at all hours of the day.
Quicker support access in-app
Don’t waste a minute - if issues arrise, click the ? on any page in Kounta to chat or call directly in-app.
Better Accounts
Not only do Accounts now load faster, we’ve added bulk pay, automated invoicing & statements, and more.
The service team
From helping you to flawlessly launch new sites, optimising existing ones, or helping if things go wrong, the new Service team makes sure you’re well taken care of.
The product team
A mix of tech professionals and people with deep food-service experience, the product team relentlessly studies Kounta users to ensure we only launch features that matter to you.

02 The latest update

Just launched

On Monday, January 22 at 11PM AEDT, we launched an important Kounta update.

The Kounta brand you’re familiar with drew attention away from the stylish interiors you’ve worked hard to create.

Instead, our updated brand takes design cues from your business to better fit your aesthetic.

We call it the Chameleon

It’s designed to make Kounta blend in with your environment and also includes subtle improvements to make Kounta easier for your team to use.

How to prepare

We know change can be intimidating at times, so to ensure you know what will be different in Kounta, we’ve prepared a guide detailing the key improvements.

Get the guide

03 Coming Soon

There’s still a lot of work to be done - both big and small. Here’s what you can expect to see in upcoming updates.

Better accounting integrations
Quicker, more informative reports
Simpler ways to get & manage stock
Many more powerful features & improvements

Thank you
for continuing to believe in us

We couldn’t have done all that we did in 2017 without amazing customers like you.

Throughout last year, our customers collectively sold $4,988,548,206 worth of goods through Kounta - helping us to become Australia’s biggest point of sale provider.

On behalf of everyone at Kounta - thank you for inspiring us. Here’s to helping you grow even more in 2018!

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